26 August 2022 – 15 January 2023

JR: Chronicles

With JR: Chronicles the Kunsthalle München presents the largest retrospective dedicated to French artist JR (*1983) in Germany to date. The stories JR tells with his art are intended to change our view of the world. His concern is to overcome borders and to build bridges between people.
By means of photographs, videos, models, and large-scale pastings, this multimedia exhibition makes it possible to experience JR’s projects anew.

JR: Chronicles is organized by the Brooklyn Museum, New York.

Exhibition poster
3 February – 27 August 2023

Flowers Forever

Flowers in Art and Culture

Flowers are of immense importance for humans and nature. Flowers Forever is the first exhibition to be fully devoted to the history of the flower in art and culture from antiquity to the present day. The Kunsthalle München offers fascinating insight into the topic with paintings, sculptures, photographs, design, fashion, interactive media installations and scientific objects that explore the role of the flower in art and science, in mythologies and religions, in the economy, ecology and politics.

Join us for the big flower installation by Rebecca Louise Law. We need your commitment and help in collecting, drying and tying 200,000 flowers. You can find all the info here.

The exhibition forms part of the city-wide Flower Power Festival Munich 2023.



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