Thrill of Deception

From Ancient Art
to Virtual Reality

17 August 201813 January 2019

Art invariably plays with our senses, reminding us how easily we are deceived. Since antiquity, artists have contrived new ways of fooling us und confounding us with their craftsmanship. With examples from painting, sculpture, video, architecture, design, fashion and interactive virtual-reality works, the exhibition weaves a highly entertaining path through the (art) history of appearance and illusion. More information here.

“The world is what we perceive.”
Maurice Merleau-Ponty (1908–1961)


“Nature never deceives us; it is we who deceive ourselves.”
Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712–1778)


“A man is his own easiest dupe, for what he wishes to be true he generally believes to be true.”
(384–322 v.Chr.)

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