Canada and Impressionism

New Horizons

19 July17 November 2019

For the first time in Europe, the Kunsthalle Munich presents masterpieces by Canadian Impressionists from the late 19th to the early 20th century. Influenced by Impressionism in France, they were especially interested in capturing the fleeting atmosphere of the moment. They painted scenes from everyday life in Canada and landscapes that reproduced the incomparable light and nature of the North. Some artists ultimately emancipated themselves from European Impressionism, creating an own distinctive style for their young nation.
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“The snow borrows the tones of the sky and the sun. It is blue, it is mauve, it is grey, even black, but never entirely white.”
Maurice Cullen


“Impressionism affected all of us. It took us out of doors in the early years, and for most of our lives as painters we remained there.”
Lawren S. Harris


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