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5000 Years of
Egyptian and Modern Sculpture

Departure and Continuity
18 April – 22 June 1986


The art of ancient Egypt is familiar to everyone today – but hardly anyone knows it as art. The unbiased view is inhibited by its temporal depth, its spatial, spiritual and religious distance. Traced back to its basic forms, however, Egyptian art stands in astonishing analogy to the art of modernity and thus in immediate proximity to our present.

The juxtaposition of Egyptian and modern sculptures in this exhibition was not intended to provoke shock experiences or to trigger superficial effects. It wanted to open the eyes for the continuity of artistic forms, but also for their historicity. It integrated modernity into millennia-old structures and brought ancient Egypt closer to the present. She showed what connects and emphasized what is special, she changed ways of looking at things and created a willingness to see in a new way.

Old meets new

Gathered from the most important museums in Europe, the top works of the classics of modern sculpture and contemporary artists were in creative dialogue with the most famous Egyptian statues, which could be assembled in a unique concentration.

Works by Rodin and Picasso, Giacometti and Brancusi, Lipchitz and Wotruba met with the “Green Head” from Berlin, Nefertiti from the Louvre, the cube figure of Sennefer from the British Museum and Sebekemsaf from Vienna.

Across the boundaries of traditional categories, a new experience of art thus emerged, close to the present and at the same time deeply rooted in human history.

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