1 February – 30 June 2019


The splendour of Japanese chivalry
The Ann and Gabriel Barbier-Mueller Collection

The Samurai dominated Japan’s history for centuries, not just as warriors but as the political élite. Their legends are tales of courage and discipline, loyalty and noble self-sacrifice – interwoven with betrayal, intrigue and ruthless violence. Exquisitely wrought in precious metals and sumptuous materials, their armour was not merely a protective covering, but also an imposing status symbol. The exhibition brings the fascinating history of Japanese chivalry to life with a magnificent array of objects. More information here.



アン&ガブリエル バルビエ・ミュラー コレクション




Exhibition poster
19 July – 17 November 2019

In a new light
Canada and Impressionism

For the first time in Europe, the Kunsthalle Munich presents masterpieces by Canadian Impressionists from the late 19th to the early 20th century. The journey starts in Paris, where many Canadian painters came to study. Some of them stayed in Europe, while others returned home. Influenced by Impressionism, they were especially interested in capturing the fleeting atmosphere of the moment. In addition to scenes from everyday life in Canada, they painted landscapes that reproduced the incomparable light and nature of the North. Some artists ultimately emancipated themselves from European Impressionism, creating an own distinctive style for their young nation.

Organized by the National Gallery of Canada

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