Spain’s Golden Age

The Era of Velázquez in Painting and Sculpture

25 November 201626 March 2017

The Spanish Siglo de Oro, or ‘Golden Age’, is one of the most fascinating chapters in the history of Western art. Just when the most powerful nation in 17th-century Europe was rapidly losing its hegemony and went into political decline, Spanish art experienced its greatest flourishing. It was the era of masters like El Greco (1541–1614), Diego Velázquez (1599–1660), Francisco de Zurbarán (1598–1664) or Bartolomé Esteban Murillo (1617–1682).
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Alonso Cano
Claudio Coello
Gregorio Fernández
Juan van der Hamen
Juan Martínez Montañés
Bartolomé Esteban Murillo
Luisa Ignacia Roldán
Diego Velázquez
Francisco de Zurbarán

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21 February 2017
Dramatisches Helldunkel: Lichteffekte in der Malerei
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