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of the Paris Salon
from the Musée d’Orsay

22 September 201728 January 2018

In the 19th century, the annual “Salon de Paris” was the most important art exhibition in the world and a social event par excellence. Hundreds of thousands of visitors came to admire the diverse creations by the leading artists of the period. The Kunsthalle now presents over one hundred works of art from the Salon, most of which have never been seen before in Germany. The exhibition demonstrates how the classical tradition encountered modern life. It is time to rediscover this essential aspect of French art.
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“The Salon, which I am honored to introduce to you, is as turbulent and diverse as its mass of visitors is unpredictable and varied.”
Art critic J.A. Castagnary, ca. 1860

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22 September 2017
First Day: