The Hypo-Cultural Foundation

The Hypo Cultural Foundation was established in 1983. Based on five pillars, its activities focus on fine arts and the preservation of historical monuments.

Inaugurated in 1985, the Kunsthalle is one of Germany’s most prestigious exhibition venues. Its diverse shows range thematically from archaeology and Old Masters to contemporary art.

Every year since 1986, a jury evaluates the expert restoration of historical buildings and awards the Historical PRESERVATION Prize to private property owners in Bavaria to honour their exceptional commitment.

The Museum Fund promotes the acquisition of contemporary artworks. It aims to support public art museums of national importance that provide an overview of significant trends in contemporary art with their permanent collection.

The sponsorships help set up exhibitions and art projects throughout Germany, providing valuable funding to the initiatives of museums, exhibition venues, art associations, professional organisations and a number of other institutions.

The scholarship supports scholarly research, providing grants to post-docs in art history and archaeology, as well as to restorers.

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