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Samurai Pop-up Store

Fascination samurai! Our pop-up store demonstrates that the myth lives on: in films like Kurosawa’s “Ran” or Tarantino’s “Kill Bill”, in comics and mangas, in Lego’s Ninjago figures and the Jedi from Star Wars. Modern managers learn work ethics from coaching books teaching the samurai’s code of honour. Kids are really cool with a bento-lunchbox or a samurai skateboard.

Our shop also offers a careful selection of Japanese delicacies and exquisite decorative arts objects. Scarves made from Kimono-fabrics and furoshiki, luxurious washi-paper from a family run manufacturer in the Tokushima prefecture, gorgeously glazed matcha bowls, premium teas as well as sake from the Kenbishi brewery that was founded in 1505 and that already strengthened many a samurai before getting in action.

In addition to admission tickets one can also purchase exhibition catalogues, gift vouchers, posters and a wide selection of postcards at the Kunsthalle ticket counters.

The sales price of catalogues at the Kunsthalle is usually lower than in bookstores. However, they must be purchased directly at the Kunsthalle counters and cannot be ordered or mailed.

Opening hours

Daily 10am–8pm


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