Public Guided Tours

organized by the Munich Volkshochschule (adult education organisation)

The Munich Volkshochschule (MVHS, an organisation for adult education) will once again be offering public guided tours of 60 minutes from 6 July. The group size is currently limited to a maximum of 6 participants. Participation is only possible with prior registration with the MVHS: by telephone Monday to Friday 8 am – 2 pm under 089/480 06 67 24 or online

The fee for the guided tour will be settled directly with the MVHS lecturers. Tickets for the exhibition can be purchased the ticket counter at the Kunsthalle. Find out more about your visit here in advance and, if possible, bring your own headphones for the group tour devices (regular AUX connection).

Dates in September:
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 2:30 pm and 3:30 pm

Price: € 10 + admission

Meeting place: 1st floor next to the photo booth

you can book your tour here

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