Private Guided Tours

and groups

Current Regulation:

Guided tours for private groups are currently limited to a maximum of 6 participants plus guide and are available on the following dates after registration for a duration of 60 minutes:

Mon, Wed, Thu and Fri, 11:30-20

Sa, So, Tue and on public holidays there are currently no guided tours.

It is currently not possible to register groups without a guided tour.

The Kunsthalle can arrange for art historians and experts from other disciplines to guide through the exhibition.


Tours in German language

Mon, Wed–Fri, 10am–8pm, ca. 1 hour: € 85 + admission

Foreign language guide

Mon, Wed–Fri, 10am–8pm, ca. 1 hour: € 105 + admission

Appointments at or T +49 (0)89 / 22 44 12.

Each group will be given an exact date and each tour will be conducted with a microphone and headphones, which will be available on the date booked.

Please inform yourself in advance about your visit here and bring your own headphones (regular AUX connection) for the group tour equipment if possible.

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