"Silent Rebels. Polish Symbolism around 1900"

Digital Exhibition

Experience the exhibition “Silent Rebels. Polish Symbolism around 1900” in 360°.

Simply click on the various symbols within the screen to navigate about.

Experience the unique exhibition “Silent Rebels. Polish Symbolism around 1900” in a multimedia, 360° virtual tour!

Click on the objects on display and receive background information, detailed photographs and supplementary videos, such as unique catwalk footage. Use the arrows to move around in the exhibition at your own pace. Use the floorplan at the bottom right for a quick overall orientation.

We wish you an exciting digital exhibition experience, and very much hope to welcome you soon in person at the Kunsthalle Munich!

Included in the virtual tour is the AUDIO TOUR, which can also be accessed outside the tour here.


Realized with the support of


Technical implimentation: Michael Naumann


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