Die Kunst des Münchner Rokoko

Magnificence, joviality and ensoulment

A fresh look at the works of famous artists like Johann Baptist Straub (1704–1784), the brothers, Cosmas Damian Asam and Egid Quirin Asam (1686–1739 and 1692–1750), Franz Anton Bustelli (died in 1763) and Ignaz Günther (1725–1775), shows Munich Rococo in the context of its zeitgeist and spiritual world in an even more fascinating and vibrant light than ever before. Sculptures in wood, stucco and porcelain, works in silver, paintings and drawings reveal a unique epoch, which produced works of art that are unparalleled around the world, whose refined, elegant physicality and deep spirituality have lost none of their appeal to this very day.

The lavish catalogue presents the golden age of Munich Rococo in the 18th century in hitherto unprecedented opulence and quality. Specialist, informative presentations by selected experts look at particular aspects of this genre of art and style. Outstanding new photographs skillfully capture the works to their best advantage.

A remarkable visual and reading experience.

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