Thrill of Deception. From Ancient Art to Virtual Reality

We can no longer rely on the evidence of our eyes alone: digital image processing has come on in leaps and bounds to the point where we cannot tell if the things we see are fact or fake merely by looking closely.
This is not a new phenomenon – optical illusions, trompe-l’oeil, visual trickery and deceptions have always been around, particularly in art. Since antiquity, artists have been playing with our senses, reminding us time and time again how easily we are deceived. With examples from painting, sculpture, video, architecture, design, fashion and interactive virtual-reality works, the catalogue of the exhibition weaves a highly entertaining path through the (art) history of appearance and illusion.

Edited by Andreas Beitin and Roger Diederen in collaboration with Dominik Bönisch, Anja Huber, Annette Lagler and Franziska Stöhr.

Published by Hirmer, 264 pages, 200 colour illustrations,
24 x 29 cm, hardcover.

Price at the Kunsthalle: € 29

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