Samurai. The Splendour of Japanese Chivalry

The samurai dominated Japan’s history for centuries, not just as warriors but as the political élite. Their legends are tales of courage and discipline, loyalty and noble self-sacrifice – interwoven with betrayal, intrigue and ruthless violence. Exquisitely wrought of precious metals and sumptuous materials, their armour was not merely a protective covering, but also an imposing status symbol. Over a period spanning more than 30 years, Ann and Gabriel Barbier-Mueller built up an
outstanding collection of samurai armour, along with helmets and masks, horse tack and weaponry dating from the 7th to the 19th century, which is now being presented in Germany for the first time. Featuring in excess of 100 objects, the exhibition brings the fascinating history of Japanese chivalry to life.

Edited by J. Gabriel Barbier-Mueller and Roger Diederen.

Published by Hirmer, 360 pages, 347 colour illustrations, 25,5 x 30,5 cm, hardcover.

Price at the Kunsthalle: € 35

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