"Good. True. Beatiful. Masterpieces of the Paris Salon from the Musée d'Orsay"

During the 19th century, the annual Paris Salon was the most prominent exhibition of the international art world. A jury adhering to a classical ideal of beauty decided which artists were admitted. Their works ought to express the good and true in the beauty of form. The exhibition features some 120 paintings, sculptures, drawings and works of decorative arts that demonstrate how the art of the Salon fluctuated between the classical ideal and modern life.

Edited by Roger Diederen, Laurence des Cars.

With articles by Sabine Cazenave, Paul Perrin, Nerina Santorius, Alice Thomine-Berrada, Melanie Ulz and Pierre Vaisse.

Hirmer Verlag, 275 pages, illustrations in colour, 24 x 29 cm, hardcover, German edition.

Price at the Kunsthalle: € 29.

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