Rudolf Wachter

Out of tree trunks

12 September9 November 2003

Living wood

For several decades, wood has been the only material of Wachter’s art and his main point of reference. He saw the tree trunk as living material, and entered into a dialogue with it to create sculptures which were only possible in cooperation with nature. The natural changes of the wood were incorporated into the final form of his works, a form which he himself defined. His sculptures are reduced to basic elemental shapes. The physical entity interacts with light and shade, with its surroundings and with the observer, thus making form directly accessible.

In 2003, on the occasion of his 80th birthday the Kunsthalle honoured the work of this Munich sculptor with a large monographic show. This long overdue exhibition demonstrated the way in which Rudolf Wachter’s subtle work has consistently developed in the last few decades. Around fifty sculptures were on show, some outside the regular exhibition rooms.

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