Madame de Pompadour

L'art et l'amour

14 June15 September 2002

The exhibition showed French 18th century paintings, sculptures, furniture, porcelain, jewellery and tapestries from the collection of this important patron and mistress of Louis XV. Her own artistic activities as pupil of François Boucher’s are also documented in drawings and designs in the style of her art master’s works.

A further aim of this exhibition, organized in conjunction with the castle of Versailles and the National Gallery in London, was to give a glimpse of the appartments and castles which Pompadour furnished and lived in.

Style Pompadour

Additionally to this, the Munich exhibition illustrated the influence of the ‘Style Pompadour’ on several royal courts in Germany. Thanks to her intelligence and spirit, she was an inspirational companion not only to Louis XV, but also to Voltaire, and became the focus of intellectual life in France. Moreover, through her influence with the king, she had a considerable effect on the political fortunes of Europe. The cultural and historical exhibition was first shown at Versailles, from where it traveled to Munich and afterwards on to London.

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