Helmut Newton

Sex and Landscapes

1 September1 November 2005

There can be no doubt that the photographer Helmut Newton had an influence on the image of the post-war period, with his photographs from the realm of fashion and the international jet set, and above all with his ‘Big Nudes’. Newton, who was born in Berlin and emigrated in 1938, died in 2004. In collaboration with the Helmut Newton Foundation an exhibition was compiled to show an important creative period of this photographic artist.

extraordinary union

In “Sex and Landscapes” two different aspects of Newton’s work were united, namely nudes and landscapes, both in black and white and in colour, produced in various places in Europe and America between 1974 and 2002. The exhibition was somewhat unusual, comprising for instance gloomy, overcast sea views from the coast of Monte Carlo; views from the porthole of an aircraft; kitschy neo-baroque statues of the Madonnna in provincial towns of Italy; and a seemingly endless desert highway near Las Vegas. Newton’s permissive nude pictures of female subjects, with elements of glamour and sexual obsessions, were shown beside the landscapes.

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