Emil Nolde

and the South Pacific

23 March26 May 2002

The protagonists of Primitivism

Nolde is one of the protagonists of Primitivism in the art of the Modern Age. As a member of a demographic-medical research expedition by the Reichskolonialamt he travelled in the South Pacific from 1913 to 1914 . The exhibition also documented the other stages in his study of primitive cultures. The show centres on Nolde ‘s paintings, done on the spot in the tropics,and a selection of water colours and sketches.

journey through Russia, Siberia, Japan and China

Besides these, works originating during the journey through Russia, Siberia, Japan and China also were exhibited. Examples of Nolde’s study of Primitivism in the years preceding the Pacific travels and his artistic acknowledgment of the journey in the following years completed this group. The exhibition was accompanied by exhibits from the Völkerkundemuseum in Munich, who had kindly put to our disposal sculptures from the former German colony of New Guinea. The show, conceived in conjunction with the Nolde-Stiftung, Seebüll and the Kunstforum, Vienna, comprised approximately 40 paintings and 200 water colours.

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