Carl Larsson

A Swedish Fairytale

18 November 20055 February 2006

Self-made man

Spanning the Christmas period the Kunsthalle der Hypo-Kulturstiftung exhibited the work of Carl Larsson, the great Swedish artist. Born in 1853, Larsson ranks as one of Sweden’s most popular artists, and is among those Swedish artists who became renowned internationally. He came from a poor family and earned his living as an illustrator and retoucher before going to study in Paris in 1876. There he met Karin Berg, who he married and with whom he had eight children. This represents a turning point in his life. They returned to Sweden together to live in a house near Sundborn. From then on, family and domestic life became a central theme in his art work.

View inside of larsson’s oeuvre and life


The exhibition at the Kunsthalle in Munich will encompassed all the various aspects of his work. Not only numerous watercolours, oil paintings and drawings but also furniture, fabrics and craft objects from Carl Larsson’s home in Sundborn will be on show. 18th November 2005 – 5th February 2006.

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