Auguste Rodin

The Kiss – The Couples

22 September 20067 January 2007

The starting point for this exhibition was Rodin’s major work The Kiss, which can be seen as a symbol, literally an icon, representing physical, sensual love. Rodin’s popular image is that of an homme à femmes, as he has occasionally been called. This image became countered with a new perspective, in which the concept of the couple is examined in depth. It seems that Rodin’s relationship with women as muses and sources of inspiration was much more complex than has so far been apparent. The couple as such was examined not only on an iconographic level (the richness and development in the variations of the motif), but also on a formal level, showing the development of the artist’s ability to think in three dimensions, and how the sculptor was enthralled by the wealth of variations which is offered by the combination of two human bodies.

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