Valeriia in Munich

A solidarity project for Ukraine by JR

As part of the exhibition opening of JR: Chronicles, a solidarity project with Ukraine will take place on Odeonsplatz in downtown Munich. Together with 100 volunteers, the artist JR will unroll a monumental banner. It shows five-year-old Valeriia, who had to leave her home in Ukraine due to the war and fled to Poland.

JR printed the image of cheerful Valeriia, photographed by Artem Iurchenko, on a 45-meter-long tarp and unrolled it together with 100 Ukrainians on 14 March in the center of Lviv, Ukraine. The Russian fighter pilots flying over Ukraine should be reminded that there are people down there who need to be protected. Valeriia represents Ukraine’s 7.5 million children – her image also reminds us of what the country is fighting for: a future of safety and peace.

Since March, the project has been repeated in Paris, Berlin, Düsseldorf and Venice. Now it comes to Munich:

25 August 2022, ca. 12.15pm
Odeonsplatz Munich

Many people have already signed up to help carry and unfold the image. All places are now taken. However, we would still be very happy if you support the action by joining us at 12:15 pm at Odeonsplatz.


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