»RE-ACT!« – Keith Haring

Past events

Keith Haring

Thursday, May 7, 2015
Starting at 8:30 PM in the Kunsthalle


The exhibition »Keith Haring. The Political Line« provided a new opportunity for a creative party night.

Haring made art for everyone: For years, he painted (illegally) in the New York subway, created performances in public spaces, shot video works and organized legendary parties and happenings: His art was never for the elite, always colorful, direct and critical.


The Event

Under the motto »Re-act like Haring«, special guides, DJs and a VJ engaged with Keith Haring, his artwork and his socially critical involvement.

Techno met 80s, visuals met acrylic tarps, New York’s Keith Haring met Munich’s young avant-garde.



Audaz | S.O.R. | Munich

Harry Klein | Munich


 Visual Artist 

Highflyer | Munich


 In the Exhibition 

Special Guides from the Academy of Fine Arts and young people, who continue Haring’s work in various themes: from the art world, political scientists, sociologists and contributors from Münchner Aids-Hilfe.


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