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Become part of our “Flowers Forever” exhibition

For a large installation by the artist Rebecca Louise Law, that will be shown in 2023 in our exhibition, we will need no less than 200.000 dried flowers. Everyone is invited to participate and collect flowers – bought bouquets or flowers from your own garden – and bring them dried to the Kunsthalle by autumn 2022. We are also looking for volunteers to help us with this project at the Kunsthalle.

1) collect fresh flowers
2) dry flowers for three to four weeks
3) from March 25 until autumn 2022
bring them to the Kunsthalle

What must be considered when drying flowers?
Which flowers are particularly suitable for drying?
When and where can I hand in my flowers?
How can I help with the project on site?
The artist
Flower Power Festival Munich 2023


If you have any questions, please contact:

What must be considered when drying flowers?

– Please ensure that you treat nature with respect. We call espacially for the drying of flowers that would otherwise have been thrown away.
– The right time to harvest: Flowers from the garden should be cut and hung before pollination. Flowers from the shop should be hung before they have faded.
– Drying: Hang the flowers upside down in a dry and dark place. Depending on the size of the flowers, tie into bunches of 10 to 15 stems. Remove the leaves if they give off too much moisture. Tie together with a string or a rubber band. Leave to dry for as long as possible, but at least three weeks.

Which flowers are particularly suitable for drying?


Basically, almost all flowers can be dried. Just try it out. You can find an overview of which varieties are particularly suitable for drying here.

When and where can I hand in my flowers?

Daily at the Kunsthalle. Please note our opening hours. We only accept dried flowers. In addition, only flowers with a stem or flower heads can be handed ib, not individual petals.

How can I help with the project on site?

As of now we are looking for volunteers to support us in the realization of the artwork. Flowers have to be picked up in Munich and the surrounding area, dried flowers have to be sorted and packed on site. Starting October 18, the flowers will be wired together with the artist. In January 2023, the work will be installed in the exhibition. To best coordinate all volunteers, please fill out this form and send it to us:

Download Volunteer Form

The artist Rebecca Louise Law (*1980), who works exclusively with flowers, emphasises the importance of close, mindful contact with nature for the human experience in our fast-paced world. For her, two aspects are at the centre of her artistic work: the conscious and sustainable use of natural resources and to bring people together from the most diverse contexts. The installation Calyx will be a participatory work of art that connects people and nature in a respectful and communal way.

Flower Power Festival Munich 2023

The art-event will take place as part of the Flower Power Festival Munich 2023.


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