Digital program

of the Kunsthalle München

360° virtual tour Silent Rebels. Polish Symbolism around 1900

The exhibition Silent Rebels. Polish Symbolism around 1900 is now available in a multimedia, 360° virtual tour! Including an audio tour and all exhibition texts.

ask the artist

Are there things that you always wanted to know from Erwin Olaf? How did you get into photography? or Where does the inspiration for your photographs come from? The Kunsthalle München gives you the chance to do so with the Ask the Artist format. You can use a form to put your question to the artist. Erwin Olaf then answers these questions in short video clips.


Lectures and talks

Recordings of lectures on past exhibitions.


360° virtual tour Erwin Olaf. Strange beauty

The exhibition Erwin Olaf. Strange beauty is now available in a multimedia, 360° virtual tour! Including an audio tour with comments by the artist Erwin Olaf.


360° virtual tour Thierry Mugler: Couturissime

Experience the unique exhibition Thierry Mugler: Couturissime in a multimedia, 360° virtual tour! Click on the objects on display and receive background information, detailed photographs and supplementary videos, such as unique catwalk footage.


Digital exhibition You are Faust

The unique exhibition You are Faust. Goethe’s Drama in Arts, which took place from 23 February until 29 July 2018 in the Kunsthalle München can be experienced as a digital exhibition. All rooms of the exhibition can be visited in a 360 ° tour from home. Artworks and exhibition texts can be called up individually. All audio guide contributions are available and films are also integrated.


Digital exhibition Munich rococo

Move through the galleries of Body and Soul. Munich Rococo from Asam to Günther (12.12.2014–12.4.2015 at the Kunsthalle München) in 360°.


The Kunsthalle München on YouTube

Our YouTube channel offers a look behind the scenes of the current exhibition as well as reports on past exhibition highlights and invites you to browse.

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